Oh, the rush of Christmas.
10:31 p.m. 2004-12-26
I'm just about all movied out. Christmas eve we watched all four (?) hours of extended version Return of the King. Since that fateful night, we've watched The Sixth Sense, part of Chicago, The Usual Suspects, part of Shrek 2, Romeo + Juliet, and part of The Sound of Music. Wow. I swear there was more but perhaps not... oh- I also watched Moulin Rouge on Chrismas eve day.

Diaryland is so amazing, I do believe, not necessarily because you can get your own emotions out, but it's a place where you can find emotions any time of any day. Raw life. Voyerism. Yum.

I'm sort of feeling sick of doing absolutely nothing (physical activity-wise) but I really don't want to run and get all sweaty and have to shower (which is also being avoided). I want to play around with my dad with our lacrosse sticks- (I got him one for X-mas) but he's got work tomorrow. A shame.

I want to get together with people, but I don't want to put in the effort of being hygenic, or to organize said get-together. I definately don't want to watch another movie- but I totally do. I think I'll be continuing Shrek 2 tonight.

I want to milk this vacation for all it's worth- so I don't want to do anything at all. I didn't get dressed today. It was nice. I even got to wear the same pants and bathrobe as I did yesterday... and shirt now that I think about it.

I want to go sledding, but I don't think there's enough snow, and I definately don't want to be cold.

I had a conversation with my cousin's foreign exchange student tonight which was way fun. Oh man, it's amazing to see the embodyment of Europe. I think Europe is amazing, so I automatically think that she is amazing (which she is). I think that I'm getting along with random people much better now. I don't know if it's because I'm becoming more confident, or if it's that my small talk is kicking ass. Who knows.

My sister and I decorated gingerbread houses at the Stecklein's house some day before Christmas. That was amazing.

My grandparents sent me a digital camera for Christmas- it's super nice. The only thing I'm worried about is when I'm going to actually make prints of things, and what I should do with my old, non-digital camera. I want it to feel loved too!

I feel like I should be studying apush in a major way this break, so that I don't fail the AP exam... but that's conflicting with my "don't do anything over break" idea. I'm concerned though- because the two people I talked to (Emilie and Jill) said they were reading all of the chapters we have done and all of this... gah! Stupid test.

It's crazy what a calm feeling you get when part of your mouth is numb. My mom put some "Kanka" on my kanker sore... and now my lower right mouth is numb-ish... and feels like I'm drooling-- WHICH I'M NOT! It tastes sort of peppermint-y. Oh man, this is way too fun to write about.

I suppose it's time for me to wrap it up.. oh- I made a really nice case for my digital camera today- I'm super proud of it!

Guten aben. -allie

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